I passed!

Yay! I have passed my Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering! I am a very very happy girly!

I attended two three – hour learning sessions at a local restaurant. They provided me with coffee and donuts –

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Morph suit antics

 About 3 years ago I ventured into Worthing town centre with two morph buddies and my camera. And I have uncovered the outcome tonight.

It was so much fun! The reactions of the public were just so random. Some people loved it and would laugh and join in, where others would get a little bit annoyed and tut at us and then some people would just completely ignore us.

These photos were put up at the photography exhibition at my college. And to make the photos come alive I invited the morphs to the show. I will never get tired of people’s reactions. And I can’t wait to get out in the public to do it again!20130804_164619-1


xx laura xx

Chicken Risotto

Good morning, how are we all today?

 I thought I would try my first risotto yesterday, and yes it was yummy 🙂 I will defiantly be doing more complex risottos in the future, now that I have convinced my other half that he DOES like risotto. I cooked chicken risotto and even though it wasn’t rich in flavour like I normally like in a risotto it was still very filling and tasty.

Ingredients used were: chicken, sweetcorn, chives, onion, red pepper, mushrooms, chicken stock cube, mild curry paste, risotto rice and water.

I say mild curry paste, I actually mean korma curry paste. I went to Asda and spent far too much time looking for just mild curry paste – could I find any? NO I couldn’t so I thought I like korma that’s kind of creamy, that will do. And to my surprise it actually tasted quite nice, and it means I can make korma curry from scratch now which I am very much looking forward to 🙂

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Brownies Anyone?

Good Afternoon! This is officially my first post (yay!), and there is no better way to start my blog then with a yummy brownie!


So I have been working hard in the kitchen to bring you my perfect brownie recipe. Well actually I lied, it’s not mine, its Delia Smiths, from her latest book, Delia’s Cakes:

Best Baking Book Ever!

It is my favourite baking book at the moment. I have tried many recipes from it and I have to give it to her, they have all been pretty good, especially her chocolate beer cake… mmmmm…. I will have to show you guys that one day!

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