Tasmanian Masked Owl Cake

OMG. I am in love with this lady’s cakes. She is so talented. This owl cake is by far the best technical and well executed cake I have ever seen. simply stunning.


Over on deviantART I joined an art project called Losing Altitude. The project is a collaborate art book both celebrating the beauty of, and raising awareness about the plight of, endangered birds. You can hear more about it and see some of the work by contributing artists by peeking at the Kickstarter.

Over 50 artists from varying backgrounds were involved in this project. As with most art collabs I’ve been involved in, that majority of the art was drawn, though there were a few of us repping the artisan crafts community. Given that I’m an absolute novice at digital art, I of course turned to my strengths. I contributed two pieces to the project, both of them endangered native species. The first was a papercraft of the Helmeted Honeyeater. The second was this cake.

Cakecrumbs' Tasmanian Masked Owl Cake 00

Raptorial birds have always been amongst my favourite critters. I seem to have a fierce…

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Cheese scones :)

Good morning, fancy a cheese scone today? Yeah, why not!

These little beauties are so easy to make and only take 20 minuets to cook.


I found this recipe in a Mary Berry cookbook – so I thought they have to be good if the queen of baking is making them! Here we go:

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Maryland Chicken

       My adorable boyfriend announced on Sunday that he was going to make me dinner on Tuesday 🙂 how lovely is that! He then told me that is was going to be a surprise.. even more lovely!

So I came home from work on Tuesday and something was smelling good 🙂 He had decided to make Maryland chicken, his signature dish!

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Spooky Orange

Okay so this is a little random.. but it sort of stopped me in my tracks.
After struggling to peel my orange I was looking forward to munching the living daylights out of it.. however, I pulled it apart and… OMG what on earth is this!! DOUBLE ORANGE!!!!

I was tempted to eat it.. but it freaked me out a bit (sounds silly I know) so I put it in the bin, never to be seen again.. until now! I decided to share my spooky orange findings with you guys… so here it is….

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Haribo Heart Sweet Tree

Good afternoon!

A couple of  months ago my work friend announced that she was getting married in August. So I offered to make a sweet tree as a gift to her.

I had no doubt in which sweet I was going to use. It is a wedding, it is all about love, so it had to be Haribo hearts! I purchased my hearts and found a perfect bucket to use as a base – pink with white dots, and then i set about making the tree.

3 Hours later and a lot of poking I was done and this is the end result:

2 1

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Chicken Risotto

Good morning, how are we all today?

 I thought I would try my first risotto yesterday, and yes it was yummy 🙂 I will defiantly be doing more complex risottos in the future, now that I have convinced my other half that he DOES like risotto. I cooked chicken risotto and even though it wasn’t rich in flavour like I normally like in a risotto it was still very filling and tasty.

Ingredients used were: chicken, sweetcorn, chives, onion, red pepper, mushrooms, chicken stock cube, mild curry paste, risotto rice and water.

I say mild curry paste, I actually mean korma curry paste. I went to Asda and spent far too much time looking for just mild curry paste – could I find any? NO I couldn’t so I thought I like korma that’s kind of creamy, that will do. And to my surprise it actually tasted quite nice, and it means I can make korma curry from scratch now which I am very much looking forward to 🙂

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Brownies Anyone?

Good Afternoon! This is officially my first post (yay!), and there is no better way to start my blog then with a yummy brownie!


So I have been working hard in the kitchen to bring you my perfect brownie recipe. Well actually I lied, it’s not mine, its Delia Smiths, from her latest book, Delia’s Cakes:

Best Baking Book Ever!

It is my favourite baking book at the moment. I have tried many recipes from it and I have to give it to her, they have all been pretty good, especially her chocolate beer cake… mmmmm…. I will have to show you guys that one day!

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