Leanne’s Girlie Party

Every one has friends, and I have to say I have some of the best friends going.

One warm(ish) evening in August, Leanne decided to host an epic pink girlie party. Now I have to say i’m not a pink girlie girl in any way… but OMG I LOVED IT! Pink to the max!

The reason for this pink sleepover girlie madness was to see the chickens, yes that right she has chickens – and we wanted to see them 🙂

So here they are:


Okay so after seeing the chickens for a good 30 seconds, the real fun began.

Now before this epic event was to take place, i received a text:

“Please can you let me know your shoe size and favourite colour, don’t ask why” – now is it just me or when someone says ‘don’t ask why’ it makes you really really really want to ask why…? But I was good, i didn’t ask (even though every inch of my body wanted to) and i replied with “size 8, and purple.”

I arrived at Leanne’s house and was given a glass of Pink Fizz (of course), but not in any old glass – no, in a beautiful personalised glass in my chosen colour! This is when i knew this night was going to be special 🙂


With pink fizz in hand, i wandered out through the patio doors to the garden, and i was faced with.. well see for yourselves..


No words could describe my first reaction! Leanne had gone all out to make this an awesome evening. Pink gazebo, Pink chair covers with white bows, Pink table cloth, Balloons, Bunting, Lighting, Chocolate Fountain, and music blaring in the corner.


Even the plates and cutlery were pink!


We then had some very yummy food, home made pizzas, home made sausages, mozzarella sticks and curly fries! Oh and nibbles too!


After the tasty food had been eaten she had another little surprise for us… PARTY BAGS! Each of us received a personalised party bag, a feather boa, flip flops (this explains the shoe size question) and a gorgeous bracelet, all in the colour we had chosen! So thoughtful! Also inside was some chocolate, mmm, and some bubbles! We were truly spoilt!


So by now the alcohol was kicking in and after dancing around to the music with feather boas on our heads we decided that it would be a good idea to play a game. You know that game where you spin around a broom with your head on the top of it, and then try and do something with out falling over… yea that game! So we had a plan: spin around the broom 10 times then run around the washing line and the first person back was the winner. Okay so we hadn’t really thought this one though, but hahahaha it was a laugh!

Guess who fell over… yea i did, but not just me, Melba did too! In fact we were all stumbling round like crazy people. See for yourselves:


Time for some frozen alchoholic slushies to bring us back from the wobbling planet we had just visited!


Now it was about 10:30 (yes i know its early still) and we decided to walk up the road to find a bar. Now what do you do when you’re a little tipsy and with your mates.. SNAPCHAT! Yes we sat there snap chatting each other silly rude pictures because… Why not?


The evening ended with the four of us laying on a double and single mattress pushed together on Leanne’s bedroom floor trying to fall asleep, laughing about ‘First Aid’ (don’t ask why).

Thank you Leanne! Cheers!



xx Laura xx


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