Haribo Heart Sweet Tree

Good afternoon!

A couple of  months ago my work friend announced that she was getting married in August. So I offered to make a sweet tree as a gift to her.

I had no doubt in which sweet I was going to use. It is a wedding, it is all about love, so it had to be Haribo hearts! I purchased my hearts and found a perfect bucket to use as a base – pink with white dots, and then i set about making the tree.

3 Hours later and a lot of poking I was done and this is the end result:

2 1

I decided to add marshmallow flowers dotted about with in the field of hearts –  which worked a treat!

close up

There is a 30cm ruler next to it, so you can appreciate the size of the tree! It was huge!


All wrapped up and ready for the big show!

gift wrap

Taking it to the wedding was very scary, but it survived! And it fitted in with their colour scheme a treat!


The cake was beautiful, so many pink layers inside!



xx Laura xx


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